Dear All,

Back in 2012 I asked whether we should keep the list running at its then cost of £60 plus VAT a year and (to cut a long story short) we raised enough money to keep the list running for five years. GreenNet have done a half decent job service wise and their price has remained static.  I want to propose that a) we stay with them and b) we do the same as last time and ask members to thow in a donation via PayPal to make this happen.

I've already paid the £60 plus VAT for 2018 but I'd like to pay up front for another long period like last time as it is one less thing for a demented old git like me to worry about after almost a quarter of a century on the list.

During the last five or so years Pete Cass and James Lundon have been at my side keeping the list going and I'd like to thank them on behalf of the rest of the list for doing so without any prompting. Having Pete in Oz and me and James over this side of the world has worked a treat! Thanks lads.

There is a Pay Pal link at the foot of the list web page where you can donate, you don't have to have a PayPal account you can use a credit or debit card:

If you don't like PayPal contact me off list and we can discuss alternatives as I know this was an issue for a few folk last time.

As well as the members here we now have a pretty good group on Facebook but I still think the email list is more important.

As per last time we'll have a roll of honour with Naefy at the bottom :-)



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