Normally ie non football I am a 'stats man' all the way 
Football is more difficult - I was very critical of klich in his first two 
games then read a stat that he had created more chances than anyone else in the 
whole division in the first 2 games of the season 
Am I totally wrong then? Maybe or maybe in football stats don't show the whole 
picture.  The number of shots and even shots on target in bald figures can 
suggest one thing but do not always show the truth - 2 speculative long range 
efforts that go straight to the keeper look better on paper than 2 shots inside 
the box which hit the woodwork (off target) yet  the latter are better in 
Or compare the passing accuracy of Batty v McAllister back in the dayBatts 
always had a 85-95% completion rate as opposed to mecca's 65 to 75% but that 
fails to take into account the difficulty of the pass etc
Having said all that there is only one real stat in football that counts - the 
final score and 3 0 away from home is good in anyone's book whatever the 
quality of the opposition 
Yesterday was almost perfect , 3 goals, clean sheet,  new striker off the  
mark. All that was missing was a goal for Bamford at the end

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