Sorry  guys, but I think I might be the hoodoo here.

My last 5 home games have been.  Wigan, Derby (PO), Swansea, Blackburn and 
Sheff Wed.
Not a great record.

FWIW I thought the crowd were with them for 65 mins before the nerves started 
to show, and you have to say they have good reason to get nervous!

I thought Bielsa's subsitutions were a bit odd, in that I'd have taken Costa 
off for Alioski.  Douglas may lack a bit of pace, but his positional sense and 
decisions on when to go in and challenge are much better IMO.  Why not keep it 
a bit more secure on the left and try Harrison on the right, where he had some 
success v Arsenal?

Costa and Bamford are 2 that have just not done it often enough.  Giving the 
ball to Costa is as good as giving it away 4 times out of 5, and there are just 
too many things  that Bamford cannot do (including put the ball in the net) to 
make up for his hard work alone.

The thinness (sic) of the squad doesn't do Bielsa any favours though.  Only 2 
people injured on Saturday, and we were relying on the completely untried 
Stevens to come on and turn the game.  A squad should be able to cope with 2 
players missing from any department and 3-4 out in total and still have strong 
options.  Shackleton may be back on the bench, but won't be up to speed. Nor 
will Roberts or Forshaw to play a meaningful part for some time

Is even Bielsa coming round to thinking he needs a couple of players?  I think 
we need 3 or 4.  Striker, No 10 and put Hernandez back on the right, Centre 
Back and Defensive midfielder if Forshaw is not back in time for the Millwall 

If the management are going to get anyone in, then they have to show a bit more 
acumen in wheeling and dealing then they or the previous lot have been able to 
do up to now.  All they seem to be able to sign with regularity is players 
under 20, with no first team experience.


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