Tony Cliff, founder and leader of the Socialist Workers Party in Britain, 
died at 03.00 10/4/99 ,GMT in London.

workerspowerglobal update:10 April 2000

A bumper collection this time.

Tony Cliff's death merits a considered review of his life and work which we 
do not have time for this minute; we merely record his death and use the 
opportunity to make available a back catalogue of material on the SWP's 
major positions, its history and its international:

There is a report of yesterday's London Socialist Alliance conference of 

To round out our criticisms of Ken Livingstone in the mayoral contest there 
is an article from April 2000 paper of WPB on his record as leader of the 
GLC in the 1980s.

Finally now online is the TI21 article on globalisation to complement 
coverage of the IMF.

There is a link to the 16April site, organising this week's action in 
Washington against the IMF

Coming soon!
Black liberation and socialism; pamphlet of WPB
Leon Trotsky; a revolutionary life
A-Z of Marxism


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