******************Important News Flash*******************
                  First Time Socialist Party Stands Candidate In WA

The Socialist Party is opening up a new front against Liberal/Labor 
Politics in Perth, WA by standing long-serving member Neil Gray in the safe 
Labor seat of Maylands in the upcoming State Elections. Neil Gray will 
stand on principled Socialist policies, including living on a workers wage 
as an MP.

Neil Gray as a Socialist Party member has been often at the forefront of 
many community campaigns over the years. He has been an active trade 
unionist, and is presently Section and Branch councillor for the WA Media, 
Entertainment and Arts alliance. He took part in all campaigns against 
draconian Court Government Industrial Relations Legislation. He was 
arrested at One Nation Protests and led a Queer Radical group in these 
protests. He has supported East Timor independence, helped organise rallies 
against the Northbridge Tunnel, and is currently helping to initiate a 
campaign for safe houses, heroin trials, and a massive increase in funding 
for WA's mounting drug crisis.

Neil Gray has also initiated the Pyrton Action Group which is a key part of 
a community campaign fighting the Court Government and Peter Foss who are 
trying to impose a prison on a registered sacred site on Bassendean riverland.

WA has seen many attacks on the living standards of ordinary people under 
the draconian Court Liberal government. Thousands of public sector workers 
have lost their jobs through privatisation and cutbacks. Workers wages and 
living standards have declined under draconian industrial relations 
legislation.  There has been a huge stratification of workers wages and 
conditions. Thousands of young people and women work in the casualised 
sector where low income and insecurity are a feature. Many workers are on 
individual workplace agreements, suffering declining living standards.

Social policy has been wound-back by the Court government. They have spent 
$10 m. on court action against Native Title rights. As well, Mandatory 
Sentencing, and assimilationist policies ensure that Aboriginal people 
suffer the worst statistics for poverty, ill-health, unemployment and 
imprisonment. The Court government is little different from One Nation in 
terms of it's racist policies.  They refuse to rule out preferencing One 
Nation ahead of Labor.

Human Rights are trodden on by the Court government. Deaths in Custody are 
increasing. Improvements in Lesbian and Gay rights have stagnated and the 
condition of women, immigrants and youth is going backwards.

The rising anger against these worsening conditions is behind the falling 
support for the Court government. The government is rocked from crisis to 
crisis. The outrage against the finance fiasco, the Belltower, the 
Convention Center, MP's clear-felling forests, is but the outer expression 
of anger against collusion, corruption and nepotism that the electorate 
sees in the Court government.

Labor is little different from the Liberals. They have betrayed the working 
class. They are determined to keep individual workplace agreements, with a 
few minor changes. They are in a bidding war with the Liberals on getting 
tough on crime. Every policy area prioritises balancing the State budget 
before increasing services. With an approaching recession, and a general 
government sector deficit, they will be forced to implement anti-worker 
cutbacks on services and attacks on workers rights. Faced with this 
scenario they promise as little as possible. They hope to win the elections 
by default.

The Socialist Party believes that there can be no real social progress for 
the working class in WA under the conditions of global economic decline of 
capitalism. To try to improve social services, wages and conditions and 
social policies while the state budget is shrinking is a Utopian idea. Only 
socialism can offer a way out. By nationalising the giant corporations 
including the key sectors of the economy and placing them under democratic 
workers control can their huge resources and wealth can be harnessed to 
institute a huge program of public works and improvements in social welfare 
to eliminate unemployment, poverty and inequality. Through the democratic 
input of all working-class people, the enormous talents of workers can be 
unleashed to innovate the workplace to reduce the working-week and provide 
all with a comfortable livelihood.

Socialist Party candidate Neil Gray and the Perth branch is boldly exposing 
and opposing everyone of the economic rationalist policies of Labor and the 
Liberals. We are conducting an active campaign including public meetings, 
and rallies to highlight the need for heroin reform for safe houses and 
supervised heroin trials. We are continuing our campaign in Bassendean with 
the community there to oppose Peter Foss's prison proposal, and we are 
active in the Trade Unions to bring about a rank-and-file leadership that 
will fight the anti-worker policies of the next government.

Socialists see democracy for everyone in society as central. We will 
actively campaign to bring about real equality for women, lesbians and 
gays, Aboriginal people, immigrant rights, and any area where people suffer 
discrimination or inequality.

"If I get elected, like all Socialist Party members, I promise to pick up 
the average wage of an unskilled worker and donate the rest of the 
parliamentary salary to the workers movement. My accounts will be open for 
public inspection always" says Neil Gray.

The Socialist Party has formed an alliance with the Democratic Socialist 
Party for greater unity and strength in the elections. Democratic Socialist 
Party member Roberto Jorquera is standing in the seat of Perth next to 
Maylands. Anthony Benbow for the DSP is standing in the seat of Fremantle. 
We will be assisting each other as best we can to strengthen votes for the 
left. In the seat of Maylands Neil Gray and the Socialist Party suggest you 
demand committed representation from Labor and vote for Neil Gray before 
the Greens WA, then Labor.

Unlike the major parties the Socialist Party doesn't have lots of money and 
totally opposes ties to big business. We depend on the mobilisation of 
working-class people to achieve change. We need your help in this election 
campaign. Can You: Letter Box your street? Hand out "how to vote" cards? 
Help with the Heroin Reform campaign? Give us a donation (cheques to 
"Socialist Party")? Anything else?
If so, phone 9272 5549, 0407102897 or 0401095812 or e-mail:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] or post to PO Box 318 Maylands WA 6931.

                                Struggle! Solidarity! Socialism!

******************Vote 1 Neil Gray, Socialist Party*********************


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