Tehmeena Faryal, RAWA  - Lecture Monday 15th April

The Women's Rights Action Network of Australia and the Victorian Women's
Trust invite you to hear Tehmeena Faryal of the Revolutionary 
Association of the Women of Afghanistan next Monday at the Equal 
Opportunity Commission, Melbourne.

Tahmeena was 10 years old when the Soviet invasion forced her family 
from Afghanistan to a Pakistani refugee camp. Her mother ws an early 
member and her father a supporter of RAWA. Educated in RAWA schools in 
Pakistan, Faryal became committed to working fro human rights and 
women's rights.

Tahmeena has since become a spokeswoman for RAWA and recently toured the
United States, raising money for RAWA and raising awareness about the 
plight of Afghan women and families.

She has a reputation as a captiviating speaker and has appeared on Good
Morning America, and on CNN. She testified to the Suncommittee of the US 
House on International Operations and Human Rights, and has given 
numerous speeches to groups of academics, women's groups and other human 
rights organisations.

RAWA has been working to support Afghan women since 1977 (when the 
Soviet Union first began their advances on the country) and continues 
their fight to secure social, political and human rights. This has led 
to engagement on a number of fronts including education, health and 
social reform. Because so many Afghan women have left the country and 
languish in refugee camps much of their woerk is undertaken in these 
environments but they also continue to work in Afghanistan.

Date: April 15
Time: 5pm
Venue: Equal Opportunity Commission, Level 3, 380 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Bookings:Essential. Entry: Free. Donations to RAWA are encouraged




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