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A 3CR Radiothon Benefit Event presented by Union Promotions and
The Squatters & Unwaged Workers Airwaves crew, Fridays 5.30-6.30pm. 3CR
855 on your AM Dial

Bread And Roses is a movie about the struggle of invisible office
cleaners to gain dignity and respect at work. Fiery Mexican sisters Maya
and Rosa work as cleaners in a downtown office block. A fated meeting
with Sam, a passionate American activist, leads to a guerilla campaign
against their employers. The fight threatens their livelihood, family
and risks their expulsion from the country.

Bread and Roses is a story about the most marginalized of LA communities
daring to take on their corporate bosses against all odds. Inspired by
the real life "Justice for Janitors" campaign led by immigrant cleaners,
mostly women, Loach unravels the events centering his tale on the
spirited Latin American community who dare to take on the corporate
powers and find a sense of dignity.

Ken Loach's film continues his catalogue of work that deals with the
lives of working people. His previous films include Riff Raff (1991),
Ladybird Ladybird (1994), Carla's Song (1996) & My Name Is Joe (1998).
Written and Directed by Ken Loach, Cast - Pilar Padilla, Adrien Brody,
Elpidia Carrillo, Benicio Del Toro. Duration: 110 minutes
Tickets $5
The New Ballroom
8pm, Friday June 7th
Bookings Ph: 9354 6883 or buy on the door on the night

THE WAITING ROOM presented by Melbourne Workers Theatre and Platform 27
Why does Australia fear the world's most helpless and vulnerable
citizens? Do you dare you to look past the razor wire into the white
face of of Australia's refugee policy. THE WAITING ROOM is hard-hitting
political theatre that aims to debunk the racist myths about refugees
and confront audiences with the reality of existence inside detention

'This is intensely committed theatre ... the sheer energy of the
performers is what is impressive ... it is a vivid committed work."
- Helen Thompson, The Age (May 18th)
"you should see this play. Yes, it's a message play, but it's a message
the detainees (in refugee detention centres) cannot deliver in person .
. . Yet."
- Andrew Shaw, Melbourne Community Voice (May 17th)
"The Waiting Room is a carefully constructed and challenging theatre
experience on a number of different levels ... tightly directed by
Lagarto, with superb performances from Moussa, Mouzakis and Berry"
- David Crofts, The Melbourne Times (May 22nd)
6:30pm Mondays & Tuesdays - 8pm Wednesday - Saturday, May 15 - June 1
The New Ballroom
$20 Full/ $13 Conc/ $10 Groups 10+
Bookings Ph: 9326 8371

presented by The New International Bookshop and Friends of Palestine
Sixties student radical, New Left Review editor, novelist and film
maker, Tariq Ali has written over a dozen books on world history and
politics, five novels and scripts for both stage and screen. He is now
the spearhead of the campaign against the war in Afghanistan and one of
the most important figures of the British Left. An electrifying speaker,
Ali will be speaking on the current crisis in Palestine and will be
introduced by Taimor Hazou, Co-Secretary - Friends of Palestine. Tariq
Ali's appearance at Trades Hall is certain to be memorable and copies of
his latest book THE CLASH OF FUNDAMENTALISM'S: Crusades, Jihads and
Modernity will be on sale on the night.
The New Council Chambers
Entry by Donation
6:30pm, Tuesday June 4th

SING  THE COUNTRY by JEANNE' BROWNE - Natural History mixed media
drawings (1992 - 2002).
Local seasonal calendar drawings from this place: from the Lower Yarra
River environs, to Fregon in the Simpson Desert and  Broome, in the
Kimberley, W. A. Natural History Drawings by Jeanne Browne, 1992-2002.
This project is a bid to document the local seasons particular to this
place, in the environs of the lower Yarra River and Merri Creek.  It is
a response to inspirational time spent over the last ten years with the
Goolarabooloo people, traditional owners for coastal territory north
from Broome, WA, whose land knowledge remains dynamic and alive.
Friday May 24th until Monday June 17th

54 Victoria St (Cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Cocktail of the Month: C - - - Sucking Capitalist ONLY $6
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
more info visit

"If I were a factory employee, a labourer on the railroad, or a wage
earner of any sort, I would undoubtedly join the union of my trade.
If I were opposed to the policy of the union, I would join for no other
reason than to help rectify that mistake.
If I took exception to a dishonest leader, I would join the union to
help remove him.
In short, I believe in the union, and I believe that all men who benefit
by the union are morally bound to help to the extent of their power in
the common interest advanced by the union.
Unions, whilst they consist of members, do not belong to the members,
but rather, they hold in trust, something for those in the future."
- Theodore Roosevelt, United States President (1901 - 1909)

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