Less than a week to go until our chance to fight back
against Ruddock himself, the architect of the
Liberals' brutal attacks on refugees.

Free the Refugees!

5PM, FRIDAY 31 MAY 2002
Institute of Public Affairs
410 Collins Street
(between Queen and William Streets)

Philip Ruddock (Minister of Immigration and Indigenous
Affairs), Andrew Bolt (Herald Sun 'journalist'), and
Bob Birrell (academic apologist for Ruddocks' attacks
on refugee rights), will be speaking at a "Dialogue on
Immigration" sponsored by the Institute of Public
Affairs, a right-wing think tank.

Ruddock is there to "separate some myths from
reality".  Bolt will talk about the pro-refugee
campaign "tactics and attitudes", while Birrell will
discuss "maintaining a distinctive and meaningful
Australian identity."

The ONLY purpose of the meeting is to justify
continued attacks on refugee rights, and encourage
racism and division in Australia.

Shut down this racist meeting!

Leaflets and posters for this event are available from
the New International Bookstore in Trades Hall, cnr
Lygon and Victoria Sts.

For further information, contact the Refugee Action
Collective on: 9659 3505
Visit the RAC website www.rac-vic.org


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