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An Inaugural State of the Nation Address and Evening of Comic Vengeance

Must end this Friday . . .
'Brilliant observations only whet our appetite for more, like the
description of Ruddock's "cryogenic charm" . . . Once again, Quantock
delivers telling blows to the right with disarming humour, cunningly
disguised intelligence and idiosyncratic charm.' - Hellen Thomson, The
Age Monday 5/8/02

Direct from his 2002 Comedy Festival triumph, ëScum Nationí, Melbourne
comedy legend and the comedian they said killed Kennett is ready to take

up his hatchet-of-humour once more and get stuck into everything from
our Incredible Shrinking P.M. to The War on Trevor. Rod Quantock applies

himself to the geo-eco-socio-political post-S11 landscape. . . because a
comedian has to do what a comedian has to do.

The New Council Chambers
8:15pm Thursday & Friday, Aug 22 & 23
Tickets: $30 Full/ $22.50 Conc
Bookings Ph: 1300 136 166, visit or buy at the
door on the night
Stage Left Review


FAINTING 33 TIMES presented by La Trobe University Student Theatre

Must end this Sunday . . .
Fainting 33 Times explores the last five years of the life of the great
Russian director, Vsevelod Meyerhold - one of the 20th century's
greatest theatrical innovators and the pioneer of Biomechanics. It
begins with his 1935 production of 33 Swoons, which comprised three
short farces by Anton Chekhov.
The production follows his struggles with the Soviet authorities, the
closure of his theatre and ends with his trial, torture and execution by
the NKVD in 1940. Fainting 33 Times will evoke  the spirit of the
cultural explosion that occurred in Russia in years following the
revolution. Written by Adam Cass, Directed by Bob Pavlich

The New Ballroom
8pm Wed - Sat & 6pm Sundays, until August 25th
Tickets: $14 Full/ $8 Conc  Bookings Ph: 9479 1198


FEMALE PARTS presented by Difficult Women Theatre Company

Must end this Sunday . . .
Welcome to a funny night at the theatre . . . Female Parts is a
production which draws attention to female oppression but is, at the
same time, shamelessly entertaining. Drawing on the traditions of
Brecht, Burlesque, Performance art and Day-time television, Female Parts
promises to take audiences on an exciting and wicked adventure into
hyper domesticity. Female Parts shines a comic light onto the reality of
working women and mothersí lives. It explores the daily domestic chaos
of a woman preparing herself for work and her baby for childcare, the
dilemmas of a middle class house-wife who is trapped and abused, and the
struggles of an articulate, upwardly mobile newly pregnant intellectual

WAKING UP: daily domestic chaos winds itself into the beginning of a
THE SAME OLD STORY: a late in the day, left wing, intellectual pregnancy
becomes a twisted fairy-tale.
A WOMAN ALONE: trapped cabin fever housewife armed with an iron attempts
to wrest control of her oppressive environment.

THIS IS FEMINIST FARCE! Fast, funny, smart and sexy. They may be chained
to the kitchen sink, but beware! The drawers are full of sharp things!

The Old Council Chambers
7.30pm Tues - Sat, 6pm Sunday Aug 20 - 25
Tickets: $18.50 Full/ $13 Conc  Bookings Ph: 9417 0776


THE PARTY ROOM - A Keep Left Theatre Benefit Fundraiser

Everything is stuffed . . . so, for one night only, The Keep Left
Theatre Company is turning the Trades Hall Bar into THE PARTY ROOM!
Featuring new and pre-loved comedy skits from Frank Otis, scenes from
(and news of the return of) Safe Haven, a sneak preview of the new Keep
Left Theatre full length play, music from Spotswood Swing and The Keep
Left Quartet plus much, much more. Money raised will assist the funding
the next Keep Left Theatre production which will be announced on the
night. Remember . . . Keep Angry, Keep Active, Keep Left!

Here is what famous people think about Keep Left Theatre:-
"They put the T in Terror" - George W Bush
"They should lighten up and call themselves The Give Way To The Right
Theatre Company" - Meg Lees
"I heard some of them even shower in the nude" - George Pell
"What they are doing is illegal and it is threatening Australia's
Sovereignty" - Philip Ruddock

Remember - if you are not there Keep Left may take this piss out of YOU!

Trades Hall Bar
7:30pm onwards, Wednesday August 28th
Tickets: $10 Full/ $5 Conc - Bookings Ph: 9318 5271


RAMSEY STREET REJECTS RECYCLED presented by Gap Productions

A bunch of people youíve still never heard of before in RAMSAY ST.
REJECTS . . . "There I am! See! Behind ToadieÖ Holding the Fanta."
On the journey toward elite drama schools, Colgate commercials and of
course, a much sought after residency in Ramsay Street, this group of
rejects give you an exclusive behind the scenes (past the star trailers,
down the back path, still waiting out in the parking lot) expose on the
highs and lows (and pitfalls and potholes) along the unsealed road to

Behind every great actorÖ thereís a great extra.

After a hugely successful run at the 2001 Melbourne International Comedy
Festival, GAPproductions is pleased to announce the return season of
Ramsay St. Rejects. This is your chance to see the show that had Comedy
Festival audiences in hysterics. And this time it even has its own
cocktail ? The Actor's Equity - available from the Trades Hall Bar at a
price even the long-term unemployed actor can afford!

The Old Council Chambers
Opening Friday 30 August
8pm Weds - Sat, Aug 31 - Sept 14
Tickets:  $15 Full/ $18 Conc  Bookings Ph: 9513 2942

54 Victoria St (Cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
(aka Tequila Sunrise) ONLY $6
more info visit

I smiled at myself at the site of this money. "O drug!" said I aloud,
"What art thou good for? Thou art not worth to me - no, not the taking
off the ground: one of those knives is worth all this heap: I have no
manner of use for thee; e'en remain where thou art and go to the bottom,
as a creature whose life is not worth saving."
However, upon second thoughts, I took it away; and wrapping it all in a
piece of canvas, I began to think of making another raft . . .
- Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe (1719)

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