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Final 2002 Overland Lecture
At the height of election fever, public commentator, essayist and
raconteur Bob Ellis will deliver his customary blend of anger and humour
in a powerful
polemic against the agents of spin.

Bob Ellis has been lately impersonated by Max Gillies and is now a kind
of dusty national icon reverenced, affectionately mocked and sometimes
disliked by literate Australians of all ages. He carries, amongst his
baggage, his experience as a playwright, film director, political
speechwriter, mob orator, songwriter, novelist, actor, film critic,
essayist, historian and poet. Bob Ellis is the Magazine Publishers
Association 2002 Columnist of the Year.

This Overland Lecture will be preceded by the Barrett Reid Memorial
poetry performances featuring John Jenkins, Shelton Lea, Ashlley
Morgan-Shea and Eric Beach, with a special announcement by Richard
Llewellyn - presented by Overland and Heide at 6pm.

The New Ballroom
7pm Wednesday, November 27th
Entry - $10 Full/ $6 Conc (includes copy of Overland 169)

presented by RMIT Community Advocacy Unit
Thursday 28 November, 7pm - "Refugees and the Lucky Country" Conference
Opening, featuring a panel discussion on the theme of refugees and the
impacts on Australian society. New Council Chambers

Friday 29 November, 9am - 5pm - "Asylum Seekers and Australian Society",
exploring the history and politics of refugees in Australia. Featuring
presentations from Peter Mares, author of "Borderline: Australia's
Treatement of Refugees and Asylum Seekers"; James Goodman, lecturer at
UTS and author of "Protest and Globalisation"; and Paul James, Director
of the RMIT Globalism Institute. New Council Chambers

Saturday 30 November, 9am - 5pm - "Asylum Seekers and Australian
Activism", exploring the rise of the refugee rights movement and
debating which way
forward. Featuring presentations from Ethnic Communities Council of
Victoria; ChilOut; Labor4Refugees; Refugee Action Collective; Rural
Australians for Refugees; and the Catholic Commission for Justice,
Development and Peace.

For further information or to register: visit or contact Gillian at the RMIT Community
Advocacy Unit, on 9925 2910 or at

New Council Chambers
Thurs - Sat, November 28th - 30th
Registration Details: Opening - FREE, One day - $20 Full/$10 Conc, Two
days - $35 Full/$15 Conc

presented by the Buoyancy Foundation
The lotus flower is an important symbol in the Buddhist religion, which
signifies purity as well as birth, beauty and transcendence. Though its
roots are anchored in muddy waters, this beautiful still flower blooms
and thrives. For us, it embodies the growth and strength of many young
Vietnamese women who are undergoing resettlement and reintegration into
their new life and culture as Australians.

  "The Divine Lotus," is a 26-min documentary based on the life of Linh:
a young Vietnamese woman and her journey through the drug culture over
the past 7 years. This provides Linh with a platform to express her
insights into how her commitment to heroin has affected her life and
that of others without sensationalism and manipulation. Moreover, it
puts Linh into context as a member of our community- she is someoneís
daughter, mother and sister- someone who still has the possibility to
"bloom" as a person rather than as a "refuse of society."

The New Council Chambers
8:30pm Friday, December 6th
FREE EVENT - Donations welcome

A fundraising event for women fighting legal cases against the
'Blackshirts' a militant men's group.

White night is a community fundraising event for local women who are
fighting legal cases against the 'Blackshirts' a militant group who have
been operating in the eastern suburbs. Money raised from the event will
be used to assist clients from the Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC)
to pay for the ever-increasing legal expenses.

The night's entertainment includes Cuban music and dance by Kenny Lopez
& Havana Connection, comedy by Trevor 4 Ever and Dave Piggott, jazz
music by Shenko, Guest Speaker Phil Cleary and the women who will talk
about their experiences. Finger food and silent auction included.
Tickets on sale NOW!

Trades Hall Bar & New Ballroom
8pm Saturday, December 7th
Entry: $25 Full/ $20 Conc - from ECLC Ph: 9877 6634


54 Victoria St (Cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
(Vodka, Peach Schnapps & Cranberry Juice ) ONLY $6
more info visit

"I pondered all these things, and how men fight and lose the battle, and
the thing they fought for comes about in spite of their defeat, and when
it comes turns out not to be what they meant, and other men have to
fight for what they meant under another name." - William Morris, 1887


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