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World Peace & Pray Day Benefit
For one night only in Melbourne, Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Spiritual
Leader of the Great Sioux Nation) will share the wisdom of the White
Buffalo Calf Prophecy. Join us in an extraordinary evening to experience
the ancient ways of the People of Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nations
collectively know as the Sioux Nation.

Chief Arvol Looking Horse is the President and founder of World Peace
and Prayer Day. He is also the 19th generation keeper of the White
Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle and holds the responsibility of Spiritual
Leader among the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota People. He will share the
wisdom that embellishes the tradition of the White Buffalo Calf. Chief
Arvol Looking Horse will be joined by Native American Elders and
performers of the World Peace And Prayer Day Delegation.

Together they will share their knowledge and culture through talks,
dance, song and music.

The New Ballroom
7pm - 9pm - Wednesday, June 18th
Tickets $20 - Bookings essential, limited seating, be early. Previous
WPPD benefits have sold out.
Bookings - Ph: 03) 9844 5379, 03) 9534 1262 or Email:
All proceeds support the World Peace and Prayer Day gathering.

Overland 171 Lecture & Launch
Simons talks about Australia's 'culture warriors' and their recent
claims against ideological bias and calls for scholarly 'evidence'.
Taking on media heavyweights including Piers Ackerman, Ron Brunton and
Christopher Pearson, she talks about the media fallout from her
explosive book, The Meeting of the Waters, which documents what has come
to be known as the 'Hindmarsh Island Bridge Affair'.

Ron Brunton, Piers Ackerman and Christopher Pearson, says Simons, were
key players in the Hindmarsh Island Bridge Affair. Simons explains how
their actions, along with evidence buried and withheld from the Royal
Commission, led to a dramatic miscarriage of justice. "In both
Aboriginal culture and in our own, information follows the lines of
power, and secrets are the inevitable accompaniment to power."

Overland 171 - 'OLD WOUNDS' - focuses on the contemporary 'culture wars'
of black and white Australia, and includes also Jeff Sparrow on the
media's part in the 'war on terror', Claire Tuke's dramatic account of
life at Melbourne University's Ormond College, Michael Wilding on the
Sydney 'push', fiction, poetry, reviews and opinion.

The New Ballroom
6:30pm Wednesday, June 25th
Tickets: $10 Full/ $6 Conc
Entry includes copy of Overland 171

presented by Songlines Aboriginal Music Corporation
In conjunction with the City of Melbourne
A night showcasing some of Australia's finest Indigenous performers . .
.. Looking after our people, our land, our music! Featuring . . .


LITTLE G  - Talented rap artist Georgina Chrisanthopoulos, aka Little G,
is wowing audiences with her rapping, beat boxing and break
dancing style. Little G is no novice when it comes to rapping either,
she has been hard at it for three years

DENIECE - Her name is Deniece Hudson and she's rocking Victoria with her
groovy contemporary sounds and crowd-pleasing looks. She likes her music
to touch people and make them feel good.

ARCHIE ROACH & RUBY HUNTER  - Archie Roach; artist, poet, storyteller,
singer, songwriter . . . Ruby Hunter; enjoys the distinction of being
the first Aboriginal woman to record solo in the history of Australian
music... Archie Roach & Ruby Hunter are one of Australia's most
respected singer/songwriter teams. Often cited by other musicians as a
source of great inspiration, both Archie & Ruby have become legends in
the Australian music industry.

PROPAGANDA KLANN - Ancient sounds combined with the rhythms of new
technology, smart lyrics and deadly production values to result in some
of the newest amd best contemporary music currently being laid down.

WHYLY J and the ROYAL OG's
The New Ballroom
Doors open 7:30pm - Saturday, June 28th
Tickets $10 Full/ $8 Conc - Enquiries Ph: 9696 2022

Trade Agreements are threatening our culture
Our film, television, broadcast & print media, and performing arts are
vitally important to Australians. However, our small population and
geographic diversity mean that in order not only to thrive but also to
survive, clear industry regulation and financial support are essential.
Australiaís cultural industries rely on the support of laws that protect
local content and public broadcasting, develop local skills and provide
opportunities for local creators.

Current negotiations around open and unregulated trade in the cultural
sector put at risk stories, local culture and skills developed by
writers, journalists, actors and technicians.

The only way to guarantee Australiaís right to support and protect its
own culture is for media, entertainment and arts to be excluded from all
free trade agreements. Our culture is important. Join us so that we
donít let trade agreements take away the freedom to tell our Australian

To find out more, and get involved visit the free2baustralian website


54 Victoria St (Cnr Lygon St) Carlton  Ph: 9662 3555
Trades Hall Bar - open nightly from 5pm 'til late
Friday Happy Hours 4-7pm
more info visit

Mark Vaile (Federal Trade Minister & Deputy National Party Leader)
replies to questions from Maxine McKew (Bulletin journalist) regarding
US attempts to eliminate publicly funded broadcasting in the US/Aust
Free Trade Agreement negotiations . . .

Mark Vaile - "We're not about to negotiate what the ABC or SBS does."
Maxine McKew - "So public broadcasting is non-negotiable?"
Mark Vaile - "I can't say itís non-negotiable."
Maxine McKew - "So why not take it off the table now?"
Mark Vaile - "It ís tactical." Vaile concludes.

Our culture and entertainment industries are too important for our
negotiators to be playing tactical/political games with!

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