GET IT LIVE - GET IT AT TRADES HALL ARTS, bringing class back into the
class struggle . . .

Terra Incognita presents
A night of Brecht that is bound to bring a smile to your face. This
cleverly crafted comedy plays with gentry and peasant alike. Brecht uses
humour, music and a dash of cynicism to explore the irreconcilable
differences between classes.

Mr Puntila owns a sawmill, a Studebaker, a forest and 90 cows. If only
he wasn't afflicted by "senseless bouts of sobriety". He deviates
between being a nasty, inhumane capitalist pig who mistreats his workers
when he is sober, to a reformed human being when he is drunk.

It is his chauffeur Matti who bears the brunt of Puntila's sober and
drunken outbursts and who must decide in the end whether to continue to
be compromised by the Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde performance of Puntila.

Set in the Finish countryside, Brecht's provocative comedy is about the
necessity of principles. Stars Richie Akers as 'Puntila' & Thomas
Papathanassiou as 'Matti'. Directed by Steve Gome.

The New Ballroom
7:30pm Weds - Sat, July 10th - 26th
Tickets: $24 Full/ $17 Conc & Union Members
Bookings Ph: 9537 3844

Presented by the Global Sisterhood Network
Tahmeena Faryal, from the Revolutionary Association of the Women of
Afghanistan (RAWA), and Surma Hamid, from the  Committee in Defence of
Iraqi Women's Rights (CDIWR), address the implications of the Shariat
democracies established in US-missle-ravaged Afghanistan and Iraq.

The New Council Chambers
7 - 10pm, July 17th
Entry $12 Full/ $9 Conc - Bookings Ph: 9738 2176
All proceeds go to RAWA & CDIWR

Stormfront Productions presents
Golden Saddle Award Grand Finalist Mark Tempany is about to amaze us
with his first ever Melbourne performance. Mark is now firmly
established as one of Australia's leading independent recording artists
- having had his music broadcast and toured all over Australia, as well
as North America and Europe.

Mark's unique music combines emotive lyric with passionate performance
and pure melody - and is guaranteed to leave an enduring impression. His
soaring tenor vocals truly sing from the soul and are stunning in live
performance. With album sales of over 10,000 units, and a huge respect
within the music industry itself - Mark and his Australian music tell an
intimate and powerful story of places, people and life. Mark's new fifth
album - The Long Highway released in early 2003 - adds yet another step
in this musical journey - a continuing from the brilliant Far Away
(2000) and reflective Summer Dreams (1998).

Trades Hall Bar
from 2 pm Sunday, July 20th
Entry $10 - Bookings Ph: 0418 700 819 or 07) 3216 9055
or tickets at the door on the day

Finally, the Prime Miniature has decided to call it a day . . . After
years of blatantly lying to the Australian public "Honest" John has spun
the furphy that he will actually be staying on in office beyond his 64th
Birthday. The unsuspecting Australian public has, once again, taken his
word as true . . . when, oh when will they learn?

Howard's birthday ruse is in keeping with his natural tendency to lie,
lie and lie some more. The Trades Hall Arts mob, with the assistance of
sculptor Martin Moore, will be celebrating this much anticipated
retirement and invite everybody glad to see the back of the little
cretin to come and join us in the revelry. (No gold watches please)


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