To whom this may concern

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Our names are Amanda Sandwith and Sophie Lampel and we run Essential

Essential Theatre was founded in 1996 and our main aim is to produce 
theatre that will entertain, provoke and inspire audiences to think in a 
fresh way about their own lives.

2003 sees Essential Theatre tackle one of their most exciting projects 
to date.  We have been given the opportunity to produce Linda Jaivin’s 
play “Seeking Djira” as an Australian Premiere at 45 Downstairs in 
August, 2003.

‘Seeking Djira’ explores the complexities associated with Asylum 
Seekers. Linda Jaivin has been able to take one of the most complex 
topics, refugees, and turn it into a sparkling comedy that also carries 
a potent social and political message.

Linda Jaivin best describes ‘Seeking Djira’ as “ A provocative comedy 
about self-obsession, social conscience, sexual attraction and the 
mandatory detention of asylum seekers.”

We are writing to you in the hope that our production may be advertised
through your network of contacts, whether it be through your email 
database/newsletter/ or Website.  We would be most grateful for any 
assistance that you could provide us.

In return we would be more than happy to place any literature from your
organisation at the door of the theatre.

What: "Seeking Djira" written by Linda Jaivin & Directed by David Myles.
When:   August 7th - 17th at 8pm / Sunday shows at 6pm (No shows on Mondays)
Where:fortyfivedownstairs, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 3000.
How: Tickets $25 Adult / $20 Concession
Bookings: 9662 9966
Why: Seeking Djira is a sparkling comedy about self-obsession, social
conscience, sexual attraction and the mandatory detention of asylum seekers.

If there is any further information you require please don't hesitate to
contact Amanda on 0407 543 822.

We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your co-operation.

Amanda Sandwith                 Sophie Lampel
Essential Theatre                       Essential Theatre


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