Thank you guys for posing, I was starting to think that everyone left the 
I like your Road kill story Mike. ;-) 

Michael  where are you located? If you have your own saw mill, then I just 
> might be in the market to buy some lumber?  
Having said that, Im always amazed on how cheap lumber is after, I get done 
processing it my self. ;-) (No lumber is not cheap. but my free time isn't 
FREE ether.)  

Just look around, its amazing what can be used for turning. I've seen pine 
cones and walnuts turned into something that looks nice,I've even seen 
Leather and other animal part use to make
things like pens and canes. (bone, hoof,antler, horn...,can all be used.) 
But so can roots,vines, and shrubs can be used for turning.
Again, I would like to Quote, Its the Artest that makes the Art. 
Would anyone else like to chime in? This topic could be a huge one, if we 
got just one posting for each person in the group to post.
How about super glue and saw dust, or supper glue and baking soda 
for...(Repair work on string instruments.)

Talk to you all latter.

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