That's a sort of "joke" - it's how a Texan (person living in Texas) would "pronounce" the term "barbed wire". 

Barbed wire is a strand-style fencing wire used to keep the animal(s) from trying to get out of the fenced in area. It is essentially two strong wires twisted around each other with short pieces of wire inserted in between the strands every 2 - 4 inches.  These short pieces stick out from the main strand about an inch and their tips are sharp - so they deliver pain if the animal presses up against it.

Have a Wonderful week.


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Texan "bob war"?



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OK, Curt, as you can see, the stump has been reduced in order to fit onto the saw carriage. Also, notice a square hole. Therein lies a problem, barbed wire (Texan "bob war") is present indicating a crosscut avoiding the wire thus creating material for bowls, carving etc. The remainder is to be plain sawed with 1" at the top and bottom and a series  of cuts from 2" to 4" and allowing columns, flat slabs to bowls etc. The crotch is to be sized for the saw carriage by reducing the long leg and also a cross cut to remove yet another piece of wire then flat sawing what's left in varying thicknesses, mostly for surfaces, tops, drawers etc.


Reason for only 2 pics; IT wouldn't load anymore GBs.


The remainder of the tree is to be turned into a live edged kitchen table with crotch for legs and whatever.



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Hey Max.

I can only see two pictures. That stump looks very nice, any idea on how you will cut it?




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I, too, am a scrounger with a barn full of wonderful projects.

And as far as sealing the log end, I can't afford that much lacquer thinner for ends .... so, I frequent the paint/hardware stores for  "mis-match" and if it cost more then $5/gallon, I just wait. I use latex paint and find it to work well to prevent/ lessen checking.

Most recent is a pecan stump/root which is spalted (I think). Should make come fine saw dust!

(the third pic is a work in progress, influenced by this discussion group--thanks)

(Now I've a little else to the mix)



Ccan find, Ive found some very nice looking woods doing this, Like mallbeary, smoketree, and ficus trees all have unique quality's that you will not find elsewhere.


Many trees are not cut into lumber mainly due to the trees normally do not grow into a size that makes it profitable to cut into lumber. but this dose not mean these trees have nothing to offer to you and me.

Now cutting your own lumber can be a slow process. as a general rule of thumb, 1" of thickness per year of drying.

The ends of the wood must be sealed as quickly as you can, to keep the moisture inside that tree, if the ends are not sealed the water will excape quickly causing cracking,making the wood less usable as it would be if dried properly.

I found this video on you-tube that I like. He makes his own sealer, I often use wax or old paint to seal the ends. His method is neat and cheaper than anything that Ive done in the past. Ive not done his method yet but I do plan to try it soon.



Now another train of thought on drying wood is, dry only what you need, Bowl turners use this method a lot. they cut the wood into a usable bowl while green and then let it dry out, and later going back to finish out the blank once its dry.


Art and I got into a debate a number of years ago on the topic of using PEG. (polyethylene glycerol.) His thinking was to dry out lumber, mine idea was to dry out a idiom after cutting.


Any How. I tell everyone to use Cheap stuff for play time. (go out to the fire wood pile for proto. typing/ play.) when I want to try a new idea out, Why waist good wood, that cost you money? I personally go for the free stuff. Fire wood, pallet wood, old furniture that I find in the garbage... to make saw dust that I so greatly look forward to making. ;-p


Just something to think about.

I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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