First of all ,Many Many thanks Mike, I have looked at past posts of yours 
and what a great help they have been, as you no doubt know, I have a 

I printed off the Alternative Indexing Method, and placed it into the 
Woodchuck folder.

Mike ,With all the mods that you have done to your Woodchuck how much of 
the original remains untouched,????
I seem to always be doing something to make it better . Or at least trying
Although the half nut is a problem, when it is open it is still hard to 
move the carriage , it is, as if the fixed part of the nut is too high, and 
it seems to lift the leadscrew upwards.
And if working closer to the Headstock the more difficult it is, to try the 
indexing method------- seems to slip/stick and does not help with accuracy 
Anyway Thanks again

On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 3:52:17 AM UTC+1, Curtis wrote:
>  I can not believe that it 
> was 4yrs ago. (*Published on Sep 7, 2012)  THANK You Mike! This video and 
> your carriage indexing methods  
> ( 
> <> ) have help me out so much 
> over the years.   How time fly's...*
> *Thank you.*
> *C.A.G. *

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