I have the exact same results with my 1200 LOM.  I believe it has do with 
the router not being exactly perpendicular to the rotating stock.  The side 
that has the ridge requires to be shimmed up.  By that, I mean placing shim 
stock between the router and the router sled.  I will be working on this on 
the upcoming weekend.  When I mill to round a stock, I slowly move the 
router and quickly rotate the stock with the rotation coming from under the 
router bit and have the router slightly off center.  This results in a 
spiral all the way down the stock.  BTW, I have found a large tablet at 
Staples with a square grid pattern (close but not exactly 1"x1") that I use 
for drawing out the object to be milled.  I use the bit template downloaded 
from this site to trace out the pattern.  Not as good as having the 
Plexiglas, but is works.   
Don W.

On Monday, February 13, 2017 at 9:46:48 PM UTC-6, Jim Riggen wrote:

> I tried my first effort tonight. I made a round piece of wood! One problem 
> though. I used a #2704 bit hoping to get a smooth cylinder. Alas, I did 
> not. I think the router and wood are not perpendicular. The error is quite 
> small. How do I correct this?

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