bill, I was going to respond and say almost exactly what you said, but you 
said it all very well...thanks...let's also remember that there is no 
machine on the market, past or present, that is like a legacy...other than 
a computer, cnc setup, which not many of us can afford...and what would a 
perfectly, tweaked out machine retail for?...and then we would be 
complaining about that...I have no issues with the fact that andy and his 
team made improvements while producing and selling their 
get better, cell phones get better and you almost say everything gets 
better as it gets, legacy deciding to not back-up their 
original equipment with parts, THAT! is a serious complaint and worth 
dragging them to the whipping post...LOL!...but some of this other stuff 
seems a bit small...fix it, take a photo of how you fixed it, post it and 
move on to the next mod/improvement...just my opinion and no disrespect to 
anyone in this group...thanks...joe b.


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