Very well done.  GREAT job.  Thanks for sharing.

If you make another, give thought to flipping the board over and running a 60 degree V-groove bit down the centerline of each slot/vent opening.  That will allow for a bit better airflow through the slots and reduce backpressure in the ducting.

How are you securing it over the opening in the toe kick board?  Rather than marring your beautiful work with screws, try either 3M Command Strips (pick one with only a few pounds of pull) or a strip of  "hook & loop" (Velcro┬«) at each end.

Just my 2 cent's worth.


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My hat is off to you.  I always enjoy a good flat milling project.  Looks like that was fun to do.  Would have made a great youtube video:>)


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This is a simple project I did last night. When you can't find what you need in the shape/size/type of wood, you make it yourself. I needed a air vent duct cover out of birch for a cabinet toe-kick and the Legacy made this project easy.

Photo 1 -  First you have to find your machine. It is under there somewhere.

Photo 2 - Make/attach work surface to the rails.

Photo 3 - Use router bit to square up the board.

Photo 4 - Use the Mike Pung crank method to equally space the cuts.

Photo 5 - Round-over the edges and sand.

Photo 6 - Dado the edges to fit in the vent hole.

I did not cut the board thinner just in case the cover gets kicked or hit with a vacuum. It is not a sexy project, but maybe this will spur some idea of some common thing you can make out of wood.



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