Hello Everyone, Im back! ;-)

Joe I like your 1x8 tap. I have made one as well, very much like what you 
show, and it too works well.

But I have another idea to get to the same end.

How about using an Epoxy puddy  to make your half split nut for the Legacy?

If you wax your acme screw well to epoxy will not stick to your lead screw. 
once the puddy is cured, it can be shaped and taped to fit your machine. I 
have no idea on how long this will last? but it will make a split nut easy 
enough to fit the bill. 

Another idea is to make a mold with a section of your acme screw and melt 
 HDPE old milk jugs. ??? much like what this man dose in this video.

Gota run now. 
Have a good day. everyone.

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