ok, time to take the gloves off!...LOL!...I applaud all of these 
suggestions of how to make a split nut...epoxies(a bit too hard and 
brittle, in my opinion)...melting plastic and forming it around the acme 
thread?(seems a bit awkward and time consuming to get to the desired mass, 
then some time to shape it while also keeping the thread parallel and 
square)...these are all well and good if you are stuck on the island with 
Gilligan, the skipper, the professor and ginger!...LOL!...there is a reason 
the split nuts were made with a tap...it is the easiest and fastest way to 
do it...as mentioned, the tap took 1 1/2 hours to make...but that was a 
four flute tap...knock it down to three flutes and it is perhaps an 
hour...and I have seen situations where a one flute tap will work, 
especially when doing a slippery plastic like UHMW...and the plastic stock 
could be had for $9.00, which would be enough to make 9 split nuts...and it 
was purchased sized so that there was no work other than drilling the start 
hole, running the tap through, than cutting in the center of the newly 
formed tap...rounding off the two edges took all of 30 seconds...to make 
one split nut would take about  10 minutes...all these other methods, which 
I do applaud, do not seem practical...now, the only issue or difficulty 
anyone might have in making a tap, is getting the 4" to 6" length of the 
acme rod needed to make the tap...barring that, this turned out to be a no 
brainer to use a tap to make as many split nuts as I did...just can't see 
the logic to do it any other way...fire away at this post guys!...joe b.


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