I have been watching this thread with interest. Last year I placed an add 
on a metal work forum for a 4 tpi tap. Or for someone to turn the acme 
I man said he could turn the thread so that I could turn it into a Tap *He 
did but when I picked it up it was all wrong*-------left hand wrong thread 
pattern-------- no good at all.
NOW the strange thing is the thread fits the nearly worn out half nut. I 
have been talking to Bill on this . I am puzzled as to how this happens. No 
doubt it's my brain playing tricks again ! ! ! 

On Thursday, August 10, 2017 at 11:16:25 PM UTC+1, joe biunno wrote:
> hey mac!...if anyone wants, they can send a request...but I strongly 
> suggest sending a photo of their current split nut first, to verify that it 
> is the same as I made...and how the split nut mounts into their 
> machine...and as far as finding a relatively small piece of the 5/8-4 acme 
> rod, I have not done a search for that, but I might guess, if it can't be 
> found, then call the company that originally made the rods for legacy, back 
> in the day...they are located in westbury, new York...the same place I got 
> my 16ft. piece from...google "acme threaded rod westbury ny"...and perhaps 
> they can provide a small piece...joe

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