Hi to all Members.
I am in the U.k. and own a Woodchuck and a Revo Craftsman, I think the 
Craftsman name is correct .
Try as I may to find other users of LOM's here in the U.K. I do not succeed.
I have looked at only one other and only know of a total of three owners 
and that includes me. A very sad situation.
I put The Woodchuck up for sale and have had one response ( *out of close 
to 500 views on a top woodwork site)* with a very low offer I want £500 and 
he wanted it for £400  he passed my house within 10 miles and did not even 
want to see it..
I have been buying and selling machines from large Catterpillar D8 and 
Terex loaders etc. to my latest purchase a small scroll saw. I have to 
change being 83  and got to shut down a little I never buy secondhand 
without looking at it first,
A tiny little place like the U.K. that is no problem, no doubt in the US of 
A that is different.  Where are all the entrepreneurs????????? 
 PS My next post Will be in need of advice about making a small pot ( cask 
) with vertical staves

On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 2:31:09 PM UTC, Curt George wrote:
> Mac suggested to make this its own topic. 
> I think it is a good idea to talk about the advantages of what we have, 
> The Woodchuck has some problems that Legacy tried to remove When they made 
> there new Legacy Ornamental Mills, bu, t As Mike said it also has some very 
> big advantages over the mill, that we may not be aware of.
> So to start things off, here is Richards and Mikes postings, Lets see if 
> we can take this topic and expand onto it.
> C.A.G.
> Richard Ellis 
> [image: Inline image]
>    - Jan 31 (21 hours ago)
> Hi
> The two small problems that I have with the Woodchuck 
> 1/ The  Route carriage  can lift if too much depth of cut is taken, has to 
> be excessive  though.
> 2/ The bed, if planing does indeed flex across the width of the Woodchuck 
> . Mine is 6 feet long. If turning round items no problem. at all.
> What I do is to have a an adjustable  square ------- set the bed level 
> front to back and then lock it with the locks that are with it.
> Is Mike the only Woodchuck owner???????
> Richard.
> [image: Mike Pung's profile photo] 
> <https://plus.google.com/u/1/100009546938240023665?prsrc=4>
> Mike Pung <https://plus.google.com/u/1/100009546938240023665?prsrc=4>
> I'm sure there are more owners out there but there are so many more 
> advantages to the Woodchuck that I never moved to the Legacy/aluminum 
> style.  There are wiggle issues though that I have gotten real good at 
> compensating with either jigs or craftsmanship.  I do own 5 mills but the 
> Woodchuck is the 95% go to.
> Mike

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