Hi Curt,

I really like this idea as a practical solution for the case of creating 
spindles  by the seat of your pants on the legacy and then needing to reed or 
cove from the side.  I'm thinking a spring loaded sharpie holder would work 
great.  It can be mounted anywhere on the template follower to make the 

Thanks for the food for thought.


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>Hello Everyone.an Idea cam to me today, (while driving home form
>work.)  I have not done this on my Legacy but have done it with my
>The idea is to use the Template follower on the Legacy as a Template
>Maker to produce template that you can reproduce.
>If you put an already made spindle in between the centers on the
>Legacy, then set up a blank template ( just a sheet of piece of
>wood/hardboard/plastic) on the template holder.If you put a copying
>router bit, (or any bit with a ball bearing guide on it.)  You can
>trace the turning.Now all that you need to do it , put a pencil or
>marker mounted on the Legacy's follower (where the guild normally is
>placed.) When you run your ball bearing bit along the spindle, the
>follower (with the marker on it.) will trace the spindle, leaving you
>with the marker's out-line of  your new template. then all you need to
>do is cut it out, and then re-mount the template in your original
>location, to make copy/ re-production of the spindle.
>Now what can make this fun, is Make any spindle you want, and once
>done, you can use the same set-up as I described. to copy your
>original, so you can make more...
>The Legacy's template follower can be used for many things other then
>just re-producing from start to finish idioms. The Legacy is NOT a copy
>lathe, but it can be used as one.
>I personalty use the template follower for detail work, like side
>reeding a thin spindle, where I know a side cutting bit router bearing
>will slip and under cut what I plan to make. (exp. the cups that I have
>made over the last few weekends)
>Legacy made a few y ears ago, a video called Profile following. in this
>video they used a template to make a number of different idioms by
>using the follower.
>The sky is the limit. 
>By using some simple ideas. you can make much more then you ever
>dreamed of.
>What do you all think? any and all comments are (as always) Welcome.
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