I am starting a dedicated topic to this subject because this has the 
potential to get very interesting as well as challenging, but it was 
inspired by curt's find of a video on you tube of the rose engine lathe... 
that video is one of a series of videos, dedicated to the rose engine 
lathe... and from my perspective, a rose lathe is a high end ornamental 
lathe but working under very close tolerances... certainly the tolerances 
are greater than what we would work with when working with different wood 
species... but it is my understanding that the rose lathe was used quite 
often in the watch industry, thus the need for close tolerances...getting 
back to the video, it shows a pumping action of the headstock on the "Y" 
axis, which is typical on a rose lathe, as well as a pumping action on the 
"X" axis... the person who made the videos, steve white, is obviously very 
much into doing mods on his lathes...and what he has come up with is 
certainly very interesting, complex and just "off the charts", as the 
saying goes...with variations and adjustments that would seem endless... 
whether this type of pumping movement could be incorporated into a legacy 
machine or not, is an interesting prospect... could it be done on a legacy 
within the tolerances necessary to make it workable on a wooden 
piece?...again, not sure... but worth a discussion here and possible 
consideration... and certainly impressive is the "wave" set up that a 
number of members to this group have set up on their legacy... but this 
pumping action puts things on an entirely different level...and then comes 
the question, could it be done somewhat cost effective?... or is it better 
to try to find a rose engine lathe?...and what would that cost!... and how 
far does anyone want to take their legacy to try to achieve "holtzapffel" 
status?, if that is even possible...but even a holtzapffel did not have a 
pumping action in the headstock, I believe(I might have to take a mulligan 
on that statement!...LOL!)... anyway, if you are into this topic, I suggest 
you look at steve white's series of videos(there seems to be at least 30 
videos!) on the mods he did to his rose lathe...very interesting 
videos...joe b.

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