hey tom!
              I can't say I remember steve, but I was a member of the 
ornamental turners society some 30 years ago...attended several, yearly 
symposiums... then, it seems the group was absorbed into the AAW, then 
seemed to fade away...good stuff back then, but a bit more simplistic then 
what is available in today's world, I might think...I do enjoy "playing" 
with my legacy but, realistically, a good cnc machine with the right 
program, can duplicate just about any thing you could imagine on a 
legacy(with or without any custom mods) without the need for the gears, 
lead screws, no back lash, etc.,etc...steve white's work and mods are very 
impressive, I have to say...what it boils down to, in my opinion, is this: 
are you doing ornamental work for business or pleasure?... for pleasure, 
you can "play" with doing your own mods, somewhat in a fashion like steve 
does, but perhaps a bit simpler, LOL!...a lot of us have the imagination 
and design skills to go to certain levels with our legacy machines, but not 
the equipment or metal turning/milling skills needed to go to the level 
that steve does...I for one would certainly pay an admission just to see 
his workshop and equipment, and to have a lengthy conversation on the state 
of ornamental turning in today's world with him...it's all good!...thanks 
for the reply!...joe

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