A really long time ago I considered the option of making a rocking attachment 
that would sit between the rails as well, but it's a dead end.  I even thought 
about a swinging option from the bottom rails that would at least put a rose 
engine type motion and put the router in it natural position.  That's how I 
came to the conclusion that the rotary table was the best option and why 
pumping the x axis was the easiest.

Also in my thoughts from the past is making a Geometric Chuck.  One hell of a 
challenge to keep it affordable and not take too many years to build. It would 
be so much easier to move the work rather than the carriage. 

Also in the background is development of an Oval Chuck type device for making 
ellipses pieces.  It too would be in a rotary table position.  There are many 
OT devices that could be implemented. 

Once you start digging, there is information that is both old and new 
available. As a member of the SOT, I've really enjoyed looking through the old 
SOT bulletins.  The OTI also has some information that is worth becoming a 
member to get access.

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