here is a video showing a French spindle at work...the difference being 
that this factory has flipped the spindle 90 degrees so the spindle is now 
horizontal... but it still is a single knife, ground to the desired 
profile(in this case a typical French style chair leg/back stile)  placed 
in a slot in the spindle... the attached photo is from the same video... 
note how the leg is riding against the spinning spindle and the "pointer" 
sets the distance of the cut from the edge of the leg...this set up allows 
the leg to go up and down and in and out, to follow the complex curves of 
the leg... this is fast and easy, but requires a skilled craftsman to do 
this type of work... now it is computerized machinery that does the job, in 
a method that mimics what is in the video... progress?... I am not so 
sure... but we all carry on as a dying breed!...LOL! best to all...joe 

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