hey Tim!... yes, this is our machine... not sure when purchased, but I will 
say about 25 years in use... over those years, many mods have been done, 
some a bit "not the norm", to suit a particular job we were doing at that 
time...the cutter is a piece of hardened steel, usually 3/16" thick, that 
fits into a 3/16" slot in the shaper spindle... and I would think you could 
refer to it as a fly cutter... although the one, big difference being it 
protrudes from the spindle very little... nothing like a typical fly cutter 
that you might use in a drill press, for example... and I have seen photos 
of similar router bits that you mentioned, and they were very crude(as 
compared to a typical router bit that you can buy today... but, of course, 
they got the job done, I assume...and being so close to the center line of 
the router collet, the chance of it's unbalance having an adverse effect on 
the router, is greatly reduced... especially if you reduce the speed of the 
router, which we often did, with one of those commercially available router 
speed controllers... there were times we used a typical, wood spade drill 
bit, that had a 1/4' shank,  ground to the profile needed and put into a 
router...again, it got that particular job done and almost every bit was 
never used again... and we would always try to use an existing router bit 
when we could, as they would produce a cleaner cut when in a typical router 
spinning at 25,000 RPM...in regards to the shaper, the rpm's max out at 
13,000, with an option to go to 11,000... the spindle we typically use is 
1" in diameter, and we also have 1 1/4" spindles... the 1" spindle is about 
6" in total height(4" usable slot)... we do have a 1 1/4" spindle that is 
13" in height!(yikes!)... for this we made an "overarm" bearing support 
attachment... wasn't pretty, but it worked and did the job it was supposed 
to do, which was to prevent the spindle from whipping... that particular 
job was a very large, diameter column base that needed to be fluted, so the 
long spindle was needed to reach the center line of the work piece... if 
that shaper could talk!, the stories it could tell!...LOL!...i'll take some 
photos of some of our most used cutters and post later... thanks...joe


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