Mac, thanks for thinking of sending me a reference...I have seen the felder 
equipment and it is very impressive... but in a multi-person setting, multi 
machines are not the way to go, in my opinion...switching from one set up 
to another, and perhaps needing that set for the entire day, thus not 
allowing the machine's other capabilities to be used disrupts a shop's work 
flow... in a one or two man shop though, it is an ideal choice... and it 
would have been a welcome addition in my home woodworking shop, but I do 
not have any where near the space needed for that size machine... I like 
smaller, one operation machinery...table saw, bandsaw, jointer, planer, 
etc., etc.... plus, that price is not in my budget... but it does seem 
reasonable... certainly keep me in mind for other equipment you might come 
across, especially if it is of a somewhat unusual nature... again, 
thanks...joe... p.s. what did the machine sell for? 


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