Hello Joe!,

Ok - I know what you are doing.  You are "Teasing" us.  You purposely left the link off.  You wanted a head start out to Dallas (Where EVERYTHING is BIGGER.  Right up your alley!) and will not post the link until you are closing in on the deal.
Ok - I don't blame you.  If you gave us the link, the LOM Members wanting it from OK, MO, TN, KY, etc could all beat you there.

You are one SMART guy!

In any case, thanks for getting our interest up. 
I'll check back tomorrow and Thursday - for the link.  In the meantime, drive carefully and have a good trip.


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ok, for all you cowboy fans, here is a link to a Legacy model 1800, located in dallas, texas... nice machine...motor drive on the lead screw(X axis)... does not have the Z axis upgrade... legacy wheel kit...nice selection of router bits... starting bid of $50.00, which means nothing, since the reserve has not been met... but sometimes these auctions can get you a machine at a discounted price since it is not reaching as broad an audience as an ebay or craigslist posting would... interesting to see where this goes, but we will have to wait about two weeks to find out... and to all the comedians out there, I will not be driving out to dallas for ANY price!... good luck people!...joe b.

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