Hi everyone!

I'm a new member here, thanks for letting me join the group. 

I'm a woodworking hobbyist in Atlanta, GA. I bought my LOM 15 years ago, 
set it up and moved to Europe before ever milling a single piece! I've just 
got it out of storage a few weeks ago and am anxious to get to work!

I have the 1000EX version (I think!?!) - no motor, just hand cranks. 

Apparently, I only partially finished setting it up and I have bags of 
parts for the horizontal and vertical clamps but no instructions on how to 
install them. 

I'm also interested in setting things up for contour following- I 
understand the premise of a pin following a template but can't seem to find 
any specifics on the setup or mounting systems. 

I'm a visual learner, so any images of your setups would be incredibly 

I'm looking forward to learning from you all and hope to have something to 
share soon. 



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