In L7 after vers. 55 sources to be merged must have the same source
templateID, (tblSR TemplateID). Basic TemplateID = 0 and ESM source
template IDs are positive integers. Using Access we can manually
change a basic TemplateID to match that of the ESM source we want to
merge it to.

In Legacy: Tag the 2 sources you want to be merged (1 ESM & 1 basic).
>From the source list check "show only tagged sources" to verify you
have only 1 basic & 1 ESM.
Also: For the basic source: Show List > Clear all tag1 > Tag everyone
in List.This will help to fill in the citation template later. From
File > Save Family File as: BasicSource

Close Legacy. Open Access with your main file.fdb.
Add the following select query to view tagged sources:

SELECT tblSR.IDSR, tblSR.SrcName, tblSR.Contents, tblSR.UseStandard,
tblSR.TemplateID, tblSR.SrcTag
WHERE (((tblSR.SrcTag)=1));

Manually make following changes on the select query:
Change “TemplateID” of the basic from 0 to equal the positive ID of the ESM.
Change “UseStandard” on the basic from 1 to 0.
Notice “Contents” of ESM record contains a template but the basic remains blank.

Close Access. Open Legacy.

Your 2 tagged sources now have the same templateID so they can now be
merged or you can wait till you've filled in the source Detail

Go through your tagged individuals to fill in citation detail
templates, untag Individuals as templates are filled in until all are
Your multimedia will be there, Text/Comments will be there and
Recorded date also. If you can't fill in the citation detail template
from viewing multimedia or Text/Comments go back to your old
BasicSource file.

Richard Van Wasshnova

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