The recording of today's webinar, "Clooz: A Document-Based Software
Companion" by Richard D. Thomas is now available to view for a limited time
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*Webinar Description*

This presentation focuses on using the Clooz software to capture document
information of interest, and then after performing the proper analysis of
the data, transferring events extracted from that information into Legacy
Family Tree. Census and vital document examples will be demonstrated. This
approach would provide an alternate way of entering data into Legacy by
essentially transcribing document information, and following a workflow in
line with the Genealogical Proof Standard.

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If you could not make it to the live event or just want to watch it again,
the 1 hour 36 minute recording of "Clooz: A Document-Based Software
Companion" is now available to view in our webinar library
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*[image: CLOOZ35-2]
3 Software*
Clooz is a companion software program that helps to:

   - Organize and analyze your documents
   - Supplement Legacy Family Tree software with a true document-based
   research approach
   - See how documents combine to reveal connections between people in the
   "Composite View"


   - Document templates provide structure for extracted data.
   - Link people or businesses to documents.
   - Merge people records when they are determined to represent the same
   person (method to separate as well).
   - Quick capture of source information and document text using drag/drop
   and copy/paste operations.
   - Variations in surnames are listed on the main display for easy
   - Research log for planning and tracking work. Results can be instantly
   transformed into a document record.
   - Import people and sources from Legacy. Export to Legacy. Record ID
   numbers are maintained for cross-referencing.
   - Over 200 different report formats, which can be printed or exported as
   Adobe PDF, MS Excel, MS Word, rich text (rtf) or XML files.
   - Detailed user's manual (PDF), which also serves as the help file
   within the program. Free video training series.
   - Program software is updated automatically with fixes and enhancements.
   - Excellent support by email, response usually provided the same day.

*Document Templates*

   - Generic Censuses: head of household, every member
   - Canadian Censuses: 1851-1945, Agricultural 1861, 1871, + others
   - French Censuses: 1831-1901
   - German Census: 1819 Mecklenburg Schwerin
   - Irish Censuses: 1901-1911
   - Norwegian Censuses: 1801, 1865, 1875, 1900
   - UK Censuses: 1841-1911
   - US Censuses: 1790-1940, Mortality, Agricultural & Manufacture 1850-1885
   - Census Substitutes: Directories, Tax Record, Voter's List, Irish
   - Documents: Generic Document, Birth Record, Correspondence, Death
   Record, Deed, Funeral/Burial Record, Marriage Record, Naturalization,
   Passenger Lists, SSDI

*Technical Specs*

   - Windows 10, Windows 8 (no WinRT), Windows 7, SP1, Windows Vista, SP2,
   Windows XP SP3
   - 2 GB RAM
   - Mouse, keyboard
   - 300 MB disk space

Includes free updates / new versions for one year.

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