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> Using the Help index the interest level for ancestors or descendants shows on
> the bottom right of the information screen.  Using values from 0 to 3 you can
> indicate your relative interest in the ancestors or descendants of the
> individual shown.  This can be used to create lists though search for
> individuals you have a high interest in.  This can be turned on or off through
> Customize 2.7.

That sounds as if it is, or could have been, intended to create Tiny Tafels.


Does (or did) Legacy have the facility to create them?

Tiny Tafels were used quite a lot in the 1990s for people to share 
information about which surnames they were searching, with an indication of 
the place and period and interest (* of 3, + for 2, . for 1 and blank for 
.0). Bulletin Board  (BBS) networks had a distributed data processing system 
that could produce a combined report of Tiny Tafels submitted all over the 

Most of the software used to edit and manipulate Tiny Tafels does not work on 
modern high-speed processors, and has not been updated. But I still wonder if 
Legacy can produce them. 

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