Go to your Marriage Event list, highlight the Divorce event and click Edit.
Note how you've entered your data, then click the Edit Event Sentence Definition and see if you can fix it by altering the way you've entered the data OR by editing the event.

I think what you've done is use a Description field and added Divorce to that field. So you have a Divorce event with Divorce repeated in the Description.

The default definition doesn't have a Description field but if you want one you'd use it for something other than "Divorce"


Cindy Curry via LegacyUserGroup <>
Friday, 2 December 2016 3:46 AM

Here is an example from the Descendant Book Report.

William married Mary H. Erion, daughter of John Erion and Auguste Backee, on 15 Dec 1896 in Marshfield, Wood, Wisconsin. The marriage ended in divorce. Mary was born in Dec 1879 in Wisconsin.
Noted events in their marriage were: •
They were divorced Divorce between 1901 and 1910.

Why does it say divorced Divorce and how do I fix this?

Cindy Gropp Curry
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