I'm aware that there are some bugs in the export of Shared events as regular events, some of which should be fixed in the next update but it's not an area of the program I test.


Karsten Weikop wrote:

Hi all

I'm about to start using Shared Events and want to do a Gedcom Export.

When doing the export, I'm checking 'Export Shared Events as regular
events', but this is causing problems:

* When using my normal Tree, then Legacy is mixing up events, e.g. a
Witness to a Wedding is now exported as a Witness to a Burial for
another person.
* I'm have created a Tree for testing with only 3 persons, the
married couple and the wittness. Then the export fails with "Error
writing to GEDCOM file. Error 3021: There is no actual post."

Are there anyone out the, who with success has used 'Export Shared
Events as regular events'?

I'm using Legacy

/Karsten Weikop

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