MyHeritage allows you to refuse permission for anyone to view or even find your 
tree unless you have made them a member of your site. You can also deny members 
the ability to make changes - they must send you the information or post it in 
the Family News section whence it is automatically emailed to you.

They need Legacy's programming talent!


From: LegacyUserGroup <> on behalf of 
Bob Austen <>
Sent: Saturday, August 5, 2017 9:34 AM
To: 'Legacy User Group'
Subject: Re: [LegacyUG] Legacy Merger

Hi Dennis,

Very well said – you’ve pretty well covered my concerns over this acquisition.  
I don’t hear many voices saying this is a good thing!

I quit using FTM as it could no longer handle the size of my file (no longer a 
problem). They also changed their format. I much like the way Legacy approaches 
the input of data.

The bad reviews on MyHeritage seem to vastly outnumber the (genuine) good 
reviews. I, too, may be looking for another program.


From: LegacyUserGroup [] On 
Behalf Of Dennis Murphy
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Subject: Re: [LegacyUG] Legacy Merger

I also have used Legacy for years after trying every genealogy program in the 
market, as well as some that no longer exist. In my opinion the corporate 
concept that "bigger id better" was born from either sheer greed or total 
ignorance. My first voyage into the online data posting was with Rootsweb, 
because it vowed to always "remain free." Then along comes Ancestry and they 
gobble up Rootsweb, adding their databases to Ancestry World Tree. I know this 
to be a fact as beginner errors in my original Rootsweb Gedcom have transferred 
over to the Ancestry database.

And now along comes MyHeritage and they "merge" with Millennia, which is likely 
a quaint euphemism for "buy everything you got" including and especially their 
programmers..The handwriting on the wall reads "open your wallet" as we're 
going a la carte..

I quit using Family Tree Maker due to their corporate greed in making sure each 
new version was incompatible with earlier versions, thus forcing you to buy the 
next upgrade. And now Jack has his thumb in Legacy's plumb pie and I wonder how 
long it will take before all prices go up.

Last but not least, it was but two weeks ago that I had to vehemently protest 
to MyHeritage and one of its contributors about data posted on their site 
concerning my "living" relatives. They did remove it but there is no telling 
how long it was there and who may or may not have downloaded it. While many 
sites do remove details about living persons, they do NOT remove their names; 
none of the online databases that I know do this - but they should! As any 
decent genealogist and/or identity thief knows, it's not that difficult to find 
all sorts of information about a person given their parents and siblings names.

There had better be a sure-fire way to "opt out" of any automatic grabbing of 
any Legacy data by MyHeritage or I will be looking for yet another genealogy 


On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 4:05 AM, Jean Gobel 
<<>> wrote:

Shane, and Donna:   I had the same experience.  I finally managed to cancel my 
subscription, but large pieces of my family tree were extended, some correctly, 
some definitely incorrect.  I, too, have used Legacy since long before it 
became “Legacy”, and thru the years convinced many friends to become Legacy 
users.  I still haven’t mastered all the benefits available in Legacy 8, and  I 
have resisted upgrading to Legacy 9.  Now I am sure I will stay with Legacy 8 
as long as it still functions on my computer.  I’m disappointed, but hope this 
works out for Millennia.


From: Shane Abdelnour

Sent: Friday, August 04, 2017 11:22 PM

To: Legacy User Group

Subject: Re: [LegacyUG] Legacy Merger. Like Donna, i tried my heritage some 
years age, I found someone had copied large chunks of my family tree, so 

I immediately cancelled everything and continued using Legacy. I have used 
Legacy .ever since. I refused to upgrade to version 9  I will stick to 
what i know.


On Sat, 5 Aug 2017 at 06:47, DonnaMR <> wrote:

I do not have a MyHeritage account, but when I looked at it again after the 
merger announcement, it seems to be a family tree website.  I searched for some 
of my ancestors and saw errors in just the little bit they let me see without 
an account, just as when I search the Ancestry trees.

I have used Legacy just about from its beginning, through all the versions.  I 
do not used the search features; I just want good software that lets me 
document names and personal data, events, and sources in an efficient manner, 
and then lets me print useful and well-formatted reports.  I also use it to 
create webpages for my own family history website.  I don’t upload family trees 
to sites like Ancestry and MyHeritage or Genii.  I want a website that shows 
complete source documentation and event notes that are as long as I want.   The 
thing I would like Legacy is to allow drag and drop on the webpages instead of 
just source code.  I have tried TNG more than once, including having them set 
it up, etc., and then paying someone to help a bit, but I just can’t master it. 
 Legacy webpages are easy for the reader to maneuver, and I like that 
uncluttered aspect.

Through the years I have tried most of the other genealogy software, but Legacy 
has fit my needs better than any.   I do genealogy research on a client basis 
also, and I use Legacy if the project is large enough to merit it.  It creates 
footnotes for me to paste into the narrative report I write for the client, as 
well as printing reports when needed and creating a simple family tree for the 
client, if the project is large enough.  I create a family file and point them 
to the Legacy free download so they can see literally all my research.

I am hoping for the best.




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