Hi John

I think you have hit the nail on the head with everything you have described.

I emailed my concerns to the group on 8 July regarding My Heritage taking control of information that I had entered into Legacy. I am very disappointed that My Heritage has now taken over Legacy. I have tried several different family tree programmes over the years and had hoped that Legacy was finally the programme that I could continue to use without hesitation. I also thought that no one else could copy my information without my permission - silly me.

Maria from NZ

On 6/08/2017 12:15 PM, johnbernac...@iprimus.com.au wrote:

I tried MyHeritage with the basic subscription and don’t trust it for various reasons. It defaulted to automatic renewals every year and I don’t remember any other options. It was extremely difficult to find out how to enter an end date for the subscription because it was buried so deeply. From memory, I had to get out of their website and search on Google to find out how to do it.

I entered some relatives on their Family Tree Builder. Even though I thought I kept everything private, it ended up fully displayed on their website.

You can never relax while using MyHeritage and have to constantly be on guard. Their technology/program seems to have “trip wires” everywhere to reset everything to defaults that suit them.

Like others, I found MyHeritage users never provide sources. To contact them or see their website, often requires paying the premium subscription.

On one occasion, I did manage to correspond with someone using MyHeritage, but his information was full of errors and false presumptions. He claimed to be an engineer!

I think MyHeritage will do everything they can to mine data from Legacy users. Also, Legacy users will gradually have to pay for more and more features and upgrades. As for cloud storage of family files- as soon as users get used to it, there is little doubt that costs will be attached.

MyHeritage seems geared to obtaining your data for free, while making you pay as much possible to search for any.


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