I cautiously optimistic that My Heritage will maintain Legacy as a standalone 
program, with syncing to an online tree fully optional. If you look at the 
competition who have recently introduced or upgraded online tree syncing (to 
Ancestry), both Roots Magic and Family Tree Maker still run as independent 
desktop programs. Syncing, or even having an Ancestry account, is optional. One 
would expect Legacy/My Heritage to offer the same in order to compete. While a 
substantial number of people want online trees synced to their desktop tree, 
there are many of us who still want local trees only. I really don’t think they 
will abandon us and risk us going to the competition (at least I hope so).

In addition, I think this at least gives us hope that Legacy will be rewritten 
on to a modern technical platform. It was clear that Millenia alone was not 
going to do the rewrite. Although I don’t have any inside knowledge, I suspect 
that the substantial investment required for the rewrite could not be recovered 
in future sales given the current customer base. With My Heritage, there are 
more resources available, and hopefully they can expand their customer base. 
They haven’t committed to a rewrite, but If Legacy 10 sells well, and a they 
have good subscription sales for the MH site, I hope Legacy 11 will be new 

Time will tell, and for now it’s business as usual.


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I realise that Legacy is currently a stand-alone program but I cannot see how 
it can last in its current form. First, technology and users expectations 
rapidly change and increase, while it my understanding is that Legacy is built 
on outdated technology which is why it cannot handle Unicode. Secondly, I 
cannot see why MyHeritage, which does everything online would keep Legacy which 
cannot cater for all their worldwide/culturally diverse users. It simply does 
not gel.
I do not buy the reassurances given. I have been through restructures and 
merges in private and public sectors.  Reassurances about changes to practices 
or staffing never bear out.


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