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Using Sourcewriter:

How would you enter data for “Crossle Genealogical Abstracts Collection”

The collection covers multiple surnames, many covering numerous volumes in which the noted genealogist Phillip Crossle recorded is research.

The collection is on microfilm.

I thought it would be “manuscript” and tried the only option “generic”. It would not print out the collection title. I tried “book” this did not fit and it expected additional data.

I can't help you with your specific source because I know nothing of it, but with regard to your last comment, I can tell you that you really needn't get too bothered about how many fields are provided in a template or what they are named. It is not necessary to fill in every field just because it's there and quite often you can happily ignore the field name and enter what you feel is necessary or appropriate.

Here is one example of how I use a SourceWriter template in a way which suits my needs. There is a template for the English General Register Office Birth Indexes which I use for that purpose, but also when citing the Indexes produced by individual Counties. In the latter case I only fill in 4 of the possible 10 fields (plus Source List Name) and then have to copy the Output Preview text to the Override tab in order to edit out "citing the General Register Office's England and Wales Civil Registration Indexes." which is "built into" the template but does not apply. Then for the Source Details fields I ignore Volume, Page and Registration Month (which again, do not apply), enter the Year, Districts, Sub-District and Date Accessed and in the Credit Line field I enter the Reference Number.

This gives a very satisfactory citation providing all the necessary information in the same standardised format as when using that template for citing a GRO Index entry.

Jenny M Benson


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