While this is not a Legacy question, since MyHeritage is now the new owner of 
Millennia it might be worth asking about their system.


Now I have never used MH until just now, but I did have an email from a distant 
relative of my wife, in France, inviting me to see their tree on MH. So I just 
went in, as a non-registered user.


Immediately, I could see their tree in detail and any changes being done to it 
by other users. I also found that my sister-in-law was flagged as being 
deceased (she is not). The amount of information being shown was minimal, but I 
don’t know if that is down to MH or to the originator.


One of the claims that MH makes is that it has very good links between trees, 
data bases etc and that it can find links that you would not easily find. The 
reverse of that is that it will give you a massive list of total incorrect 
information. Getting to the search is difficult, since the site is driven to 
ask you to create a new tree, but there is a search link buried at the bottom 
of the front page.


So I decided to look for my wife’s great-great-grandmother, born 1821 in France 
or Germany, died 1905 in Paris – so there should not be very many matching 
records. Ancestry, signed in, gives me 30 census records and 82 BMD records – 
MH gives me a list of 1559184 census and 2334202 BMD records. Why – because I 
did not make search look for exact records. If I do that I get 13 trees only.


The ability to make control of the search is minimal – cannot even set a date 
range. Looking at the returned data, it is obvious that surname Marcan was 
treated as Morgan and other versions, with no ability to limit that. I 
specifically used that name because I know that the family name is very rare.


At that point I gave up, and is that the information that the Legacy V9 links 
are going to show me.









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