Many are worried about the Auto / Smart Matching with MH. To turn this
function off use:

 Options/Customise/8.View/8.13/Select Background HInts/ here check or
uncheck MyHeritage and/or FamilySearch

Here is an explanation obtained from the "Read about MyHeritage´s living
matches" button:

*MyHeritage Hints for Living People*

When Smart Matching™ and Record Matching are enabled within Legacy Family
Tree, information from small parts of your family tree are periodically
passed, 'behind the scenes' and without you having to do anything, to a
matching service on the MyHeritage website. This information includes
names, dates and places associated with individuals and their close
relatives. MyHeritage uses this data to find extremely accurate Smart
Matches and Record Matches for the relevant individuals. *Legacy
information sent to MyHeritage for hinting is never collected, stored or
used. After matching it is discarded.* There is a privacy policy
specifically guaranteeing that (click here to read it
*The Legacy user's data privacy is protected.*

*Matching on Living People*

Matching on living people can locate trees and other users who own them who
are related to you as close or distant cousins, and exchanging information
with them about their ancestors (who are also your ancestors) could reveal
valuable information not received through hints (because some ancestors
could be missing in your tree, thus you cannot get hints on them, but you
can learn about them through hints with living relatives).

Matching on living people typically doubles the amount of matches that
people get. Without such matches people will not find living relatives they
are sometimes desperately looking for (e.g. adopted people who know the
names of their biological family members and are looking for them).

Some people enjoy life-changing discoveries (give examples) as a result of
matching with living people in their tree. One of the happiest moments
possible in genealogy is the excitement of reuniting with family members
who are ALIVE.

Genealogy and family history are not just about dead people. They are also
about the living.

For those reasons there is no reason whatsoever to turn off hinting for
living people. No information of the Legacy user is breached. It's like
having an ostrich bury its head in the sand, pretending that information
that is out there (outside the user's tree doesn't exist).

If people have an online tree on MyHeritage, and don't want to have that
tree matched with other users on MyHeritage (or specifically with trees of
MyHeritage partners such as Legacy) they can turn that off in their privacy
settings on MyHeritage, about which you have blogged recently.

So the option to collect hints on living people is for the direct benefit
of the users and MyHeritage gains nothing from this except giving users
more matches that could be relevant for their research. Some users are
quick to dismiss the value from such matches but it is plentiful. For a
start, a person not marked as dead in the user's tree could by now be
really dead and MyHeritage might be able to discover this, for example by
matching that person with his/her BillionGraves gravestone record (which,
by the way, is FREE and does not require a Data subscription on
MyHeritage). Another point is that Smart Matches on living people could
lead the way to connecting with distant cousins (second cousins, third
cousins, etc) who own trees on MyHeritage. Those cousins share ancestors
with the user and might have in their trees information about shared
ancestors that the Legacy family tree user doesn't have in his/her tree at
all. So users will lose at least half the value of hinting if they turn off
hinting for living people, and they will gain no benefit whatsoever in
doing so. Their privacy is not affected negatively when such hinting takes

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