On 6 Aug 2017  Trevor Carlson wrote:

> I've taken a number of photos on my iPhone 6 in which the photos
> are showing perfectly fine in the files (downloaded to my
> computer), but are all on its side when opening the folder in
> Legacy. No amount of 'rotating' the pictures in the file folders
> helps, and you cannot edit photos directly in Legacy. What do i
> do?

I recommend that you download and install either IrfanView or 
FastStone (or both) and get your pictures the way you want them 
(orientation, cropping, size, colours, brightness, etc.) before 
attaching to Legacy.  Both are free and can be downloaded from the 

FastStone has a more up-to-date user interface and is better at 
adding text/graphics.

IrfanView has the advantage of being able to convert to/from PDF 
files and does more precise cropping.

I use both of them.

Cheers! -- Dave N.
  David Naylor, Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. 
  Web page: http://www3.sympatico.ca/dcnaylor 


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