Good point and new question: How do I permanently DELETE my file in the
Legacy cloud?

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> Subject: Hand-wring about MyHeritage and and Version 9
> I am amazed at the amount of recent anguish and hand-wringing about
> MyHeritage and Legacy. My take is that putting your info in the cloud is to
> promote sharing. You see my tree, I see your tree. It's give an take. If
> you just want to surf the web and check everyone else's data but are
> unwilling to open your site to others, then I consider you to be greedy. I
> see no reason to make your file private. If you just want to use it as a
> backup, why put it up there in the first place.? Why not keep your data on
> your desktop or if you're so paranoid, put it on 3x5 cards in a shoe box
> and put it under your bed. There is plenty of security built in if you
> would try using it instead of complaining about it.
> Same holds true on upgrading to Version 9. I used to keep my data on
> chiseled sandstone, then they invented paper and pencil, Oh Heavens, should
> I upgrade? Then they invented computer programs, with each version making
> improvements. Bite the bullet and learn to use the latest technology.
> Do you still use 5 inch floppy disks, and maybe cassette Basic?
> Flame-off
> Wayne Barner
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