Your problem has nothing to do the SourceWriter but the way you are using the the Source Clipboard. You'd have the same problem with Basic sources.

Once you add the Master Source AND the Source Detail to the Source Clipboard, you can then paste that combination anywhere. You can copy a complete citation from the Assigned Sources screen to the Clipboard using the Copy to Clipboard icon bottom left, or you can manually enter the detail on the Source Clipboard after you've chosen your Master Source. If you need to use a different source from the Source Clipboard and then come back to this one, Save that particular Clipboard - it will save the Master Source and the Source Detail - then use another source, then Load the first source again when you need to use it again. You can save up to 10 Master Source + Source Detail combinations. Just make sure you give them a name that makes sense to you when you save.

To switch between saved Source Clipboards, you can right click on the Source Clipboard arrow button and choose from the list of saved source clipboards.


Dennis Birke <>
Thursday, 10 August 2017 9:02 AM
I want to cite to an obituary a particular person for various items of information. I created a master source for the obituary, including the source details.

When I try to use the clipboard for subsequent citations (for other items of information), I select the correct master source, but then it opens to the source detail window but the source details I recorded when I created the master source do not show up. In this case, the source details will not vary from item to item. How do I avoid having to repeatedly re-type the same source details?

I realize there is probably a simply solution to this problem, but I cannot figure it out. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with Source Writer.


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