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I am fortunate in having success in documenting some of my family lines
back as far as the 13th century in what is now the UK. I would appreciate
suggestions as to the best way to record those names in my Legacy program.
Names such as the following are a bit different from today's nomenclature:

Eleanore de Ferrers
Richard Fitz Alan
William Le Bigod etc.

As I understand it, what appear to be prefixes indicate their parentage.
With my various "Fitz" names (for instance) it appears that William Fitz
Hugh is the son of Hugh. Hugh may have been the son of Ralph and his name
appears "Hugh Fitz Ralph". His father may have been Ralph Fitz William,
etc. This of course is not our way of naming today when the surname
typically remains the same (except for spelling) from one generation to the

My question is how to record these names in the surname box. Do I show "de
Ferrers" as the surname, or "Eleanore de" as the then given name in the
first example? For Richard Fitz Alan, is "Fitz" a part of the surname?
The same goes for William Le Bigod. It wouldn't really work right to
include the "de" , "Fitz", or "Le" in the prefix box because some of these
ancestors also have Titles.

I know that consistency is my main objective but would truly would
appreciate guidance as to the proper way to do this!

Strictly speaking, "de Ferrers", "Fitz Alan", "le Bigod" in your examples are not surnames but descriptives. I see no reason, though, why you should not treat them as surnames. In each case I would put the entire contents of the quotation marks I have used into the Surname field in Legacy. Bear in mind, of course, that you will probably have to override the "suggested" Surname which Legacy will automatically assign if you are entering one of these people as a child of his/her father and you will probably also have to override the Surname when entering the children of the males.

It may or may not be the case for Richard Fitz Alan, but I think I am right in saying that Fitz usually indicated the child was the illegitimate offspring of his father.
Jenny M Benson


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