I too have ancestors with uncommon names from that period. I have treated
them as surnames and have not had any problems with them not being
recognized on websites such as FamilySearch. As to the use of Fitz in a
name, my sources do not indicate "illegitimate birth", rather simply "son

On Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 1:57 PM, Jenny M Benson <ge...@cedarbank.me.uk>

> On 10-Aug-17 08:17 PM, Lin Sharp wrote:
>> I am fortunate in having success in documenting some of my family lines
>> back as far as the 13th century in what is now the UK. I would appreciate
>> suggestions as to the best way to record those names in my Legacy program.
>> Names such as the following are a bit different from today's nomenclature:
>> Eleanore de Ferrers
>> Richard Fitz Alan
>> William Le Bigod etc.
>> As I understand it, what appear to be prefixes indicate their parentage.
>> With my various "Fitz" names (for instance) it appears that William Fitz
>> Hugh is the son of Hugh. Hugh may have been the son of Ralph and his name
>> appears "Hugh Fitz Ralph". His father may have been Ralph Fitz William,
>> etc. This of course is not our way of naming today when the surname
>> typically remains the same (except for spelling) from one generation to
>> the
>> next..
>> My question is how to record these names in the surname box. Do I show "de
>> Ferrers" as the surname, or "Eleanore de" as the then given name in the
>> first example? For Richard Fitz Alan, is "Fitz" a part of the surname?
>> The same goes for William Le Bigod. It wouldn't really work right to
>> include the "de" , "Fitz", or "Le" in the prefix box because some of these
>> ancestors also have Titles.
>> I know that consistency is my main objective but would truly would
>> appreciate guidance as to the proper way to do this!
>> Strictly speaking, "de Ferrers", "Fitz Alan", "le Bigod" in your examples
> are not surnames but descriptives.  I see no reason, though, why you should
> not treat them as surnames.  In each case I would put the entire contents
> of the quotation marks I have used into the Surname field in Legacy.  Bear
> in mind, of course, that you will probably have to override the "suggested"
> Surname which Legacy will automatically assign if you are entering one of
> these people as a child of his/her father and you will probably also have
> to override the Surname when entering the children of the males.
> It may or may not be the case for Richard Fitz Alan, but I think I am
> right in saying that Fitz usually indicated the child was the illegitimate
> offspring of his father.
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