The tradition of naming sons of kings "FitzRoy was a combination of the Welsh 
and French Norman - "fitz" = "son of in Welsh; "roi" = "king" in French. It was 
used by kings and the surname was "FitzRoy" = "son of the king". It was the way 
the king acknowledged that the son was his. Earlier, a child was acknowledged 
by the king only if he physically took the newborn when he was presented to 
him. Without that acknowledgement, the child had no claim to inheritance. 
Having a son, illegitimate or not, was essential in medieval times when most 
infants and children died, to say nothing of the ones who did survive only to 
die in battle.

Henry I of England, son of William the Conqueror. was a prolific father, with 
many Welsh mistresses.Among them were:

Robert FitzRoy, Baron of Okehampton (~1098 to 5/31/1172) by his mistress Edith 
ferch (Welsh for "daughter of") Forne.

Reginald/Reynold FitzRoy de Dustanville, 1st Earl of Cornwall (~1110 - 
7/1/1175) by an unknown mistress.

Richard FitzRoy, Lord of Chilham, (~1186-~6/24/1246) was son of John I of 
England by nis mistress Suzanne de Warrenne.

The tradition continued, one of the most famous being Henry FitzRoy, Duke of 
Richmond, (1519-1536), Henry VIII's only acknowledged and healthy son by 
Elizabeth Blount.

Wikipedia is helpful when correct, but it is very flawed and certainly never a 
trustworthy source.


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On 10-Aug-17 09:42 PM, CE WOOD wrote:
> Fitz Alan meant he was the son of Alan. It had nothing whatsoever to do
> with legitimacy!
 From Wikipedia:  "From the Stuart era (1603–1714) and later, a
pseudo-Anglo-Norman usage of Fitz was adopted for younger sons of the
British royal family who lacked a legal surname, AND PARTICULARLY FOR
illegitimate children of kings, princes, or general upper class men,..."

(The capitalisation is mine, for emphasis.)

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