Individual Tagging has tools that Marriage tagging doesn't have. There are suggestions logged to make them more useful.

You can clear all tags for a particular Marriage tag from View - Marriage List - Options - Untag ...
However you can only apply Marriage tags manually rather than to a group.
So if you want to make all marriages tagged 7, tagged 9 instead, the quickest way would be in the Marriage list. You can't filter it by tag but you can go down and click in the 9 tag column when you see a tag 7 and then when complete remove the tag 7.


Scott Hall wrote:

I am reworking how I use tags and would like to do two things: Move
all marriages tagged "7" to tag "9" and clear all marriage tag "4"s.
I did something similar with individual tags, but cannot seem to
figure out how to do it with marriage tags. Help appreciated!


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